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SRS (simple random sampling) #1, KuW kollection


sculpture installation, 3d printed PLA

<SRS (simple random sampling) #1, KuW kollection > is not the fact that it turns all substances into gold. Still, it assumes the 'Philosopher’s stone’ of fiction that deceives everyone as a sample, “An archive mixed with fiction” in which immaterial and non-persistent sample images, rather than fixed matter or facts, reproduced through algorithms and artificial intelligence, creating countless 'Philosopher’s stone', capturing the world by going back and forth between reality and virtual reality is reproduced in the virtual collection room.

The stones captured in the real world undergo genetic modification to become a virtual 'Philosopher’s stone. Each reproduced 'Philosopher’s Stone' evokes memories of the 'Sci-Fi Future Room' described by science fiction. Beyond the ambiguity of whether the stone's value exists, it reminds us of the fiction created by human desire and the role and value of memories and existence, giving meaning to aura and atmosphere.

The method of making srs work is similar to the theory of imprinting in genetics. SRS, It refers to a technique of re-randomizing the collected samples of genes.

The images of ‘stones’ displayed in the collection room go through the process of collecting stone photos taken in reality, and genetic mutations occur through an image generation algorithm. The image in which the genetic mutation has occurred is no longer a ‘stone’ captured in the real world, but a virtual organism that dazzles everyone who reminds them of ‘Philosopher’s stone’ and is displayed in a showcase.

This work includes printed images as well as 3D-printed objects. The image of the stone captured through light is transformed into a “Philosopher’s stone” in a fascinating virtual world newly produced through genetic mutation and then converted back into matter and archived in the real world. This series is a sample of research on the bizarreness and close relationship between image and genetic synthesis in the modern world, where the creation of new representations and the creation of new organisms alternate between real and virtual.

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